Building PC for 147 Pounds! ARGH

HALP ME PLS :( .. guys im on a really tight budget 150 Pounds is all i've got. I need to build a pc quick for gaming needs.. oh boy here they come

GUYS I've already bought a 9600GSO really cheap so it should tie me over for a while. I wanted some help in looking for the right PSU and HDD. I need a good Psu for about 22 quid and the cheapest sata HDD i can get.

As for the motherboard/ram/processor

I was looking at this bundle from novatech
Its got an ivy bridge celeron and 4GB's of DDR3 1600 Memory.
is this too good to be true? cause lately celerons are getting popular in the budget gaming builds.. HERES THE KILLER PART, i can buy a G620 and DDR3 1333MHz ram for the same price (mobo included) so which bundle should i get? and can somebody recommend a good cheap psu for about 22 quid that will be able to power the other stuff? Also need to buy the other parts somebody please help me in this quest? :( i promise i'll be your best friend
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  1. lol @ the gif.....and if you really want to be need to save AT LEAST 400 man. sorry
  2. a 22 pound PSU will not be quality and will likely fail and take your components out with it.

    Just save more money and wait.

    A 9600GSO is a very old and low end card and won't really run games on anything more than lowest possible settings and you might have to lower resolution to get playable FPS.
  3. Hell yeah! i took out the sata 5400rpm hdd from my broken netbook. i'll be using that in the desktop (no problems right?) increased budget for psu. 26 quid :( .. any-one?
  4. As far as a PSU that isn't total crap goes, this is about as cheap as you can get:
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