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I need some help with my new gaming rig. I have some trouble choosing the best psu and motherboard for the money. Generally the cheapest store I could find shipping to cyprus was so I would like to order my parts from there. My budget is arround 750-950 euros and I would like an SSD only if there is money left.

If possible can someone build me a gaming rig on that site? Would be very appreciated.

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  1. I love that Island, half greece half turkish, im sorry i cant help you get the parts on that site as i dont understand any of it but im gonna give you some parts here.
    CPU: Intel i5 3570k
    GPU: Find a 7870 Sapphire / XFX dosen't matter take whats cheapest
    PSU: A 600w will do fine, i recommend Corsair, Cooler master, antec, OCZ.
    CASE: your choice.
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz
    HDD: Western Digital / seagate, 1 TB 7200 RPM drive. If Western digital find a WD Blue, and if seagate a barracuda
    SSD: If you got money for a SSD, get a Plextor MS5, Samsung 840 / 830
    Mobo: Asrock / asus / msi Z77 just get one of these brands and a Z77, make sure it supports LGA1155

    I think thats it and will hit your budget, good luck feel free to ask for questions:)
  2. it helps if you use the format suggested in the thread at the top of the forum about how to ask for advice
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