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Hello, I currently use a Sapphire AMD Radeon 6950 dirt 3 edition graphics card. Lately I have been having this weird issue where with a few of my games they mess up and give me his weird off centered rainbow like effect. It does not do it with all my games but only some, putting the games in windows mode fixes it, and going back to my desktop fixes it as well execpt when using windows media center which can sometimes bring the effect to my desktop, does anyone know what is causing this issue? It goes away if i close out of the game, run the game windowed, or if the effect is on the desktop, goes away if i launch a game. Here is what it looks like.

I currently use Windows 8 64 pro edition, this issue did start back when I was on windows 7 with Hawken and Red Orchestra 2, now has persisted onto battlefield 3 and shogun 2, all other of my games work fine " Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Borderlands 2 Swtor Guild Wars 2"
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  1. maybe uninstall ur current drivers, use driver sweeper and than do a clean install, would help possibly.

    do that and than let me know if it fixes ur issues thanks :)
  2. Hey Thank you Iceclock for responding. I just tried what you said to do and the issue is still there unfortunately
  3. i would try that hd 6950 on another system this must be happening when you stress the card on games check you fan if it spin correctly and there is no dust or overheath on the card.
  4. so u uninstalled drivers, than used driver sweeper to remove traces of the ati drivers?,

    than restart ur pc, than reinstall drivers? well here after u use driversweeper download the latest drivers.

    driver sweeper

    and latest amd drivers:

    hope that helps
  5. Yes I did try it in that order. I am going to try dusting it later since it's about that time to clean dust out anyways hopefully that helps if not I will try and place it in another computer. I'm noticing in all the pics I submitted the picture is not centered like it should be. Can heat cause that?
  6. if u keep having issues maybe rma it if u still can, might be physical issue with ur card.
  7. By chance at all.. Could it possibly be my monitor or hdmi cable!
  8. do you have something that could cause a magnetic field around the monitor or the hdmi cable ,like speaker or something similar ?
  9. its possible its the hdmi cable have u tried other outputs to see if that fixes the problem?
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