Why is pc restarting when I turn it on

Ok so I just receive my power supply from the warranty from ocz because it fried so they sent me a new one. The powersupply is an ocz 850w gold.

So I receive my power supply today after sending it for the warranty. I plug my power supply in making sure everything was plug in correctly and press the on/off switch on my pc. Then it turn on and off, on and off and kept doing the same every 5 second it will restarts.

I tried to unplug everything and replug it back but no success.

So here my setup for the pc.

Corsair r400
Msi p67a-g45
Corsair vengeance 16gb 1600MHz
Asus gtx 550ti
Msi gtx 580 twin frozr II
Seagate baracuda 1tb
Intel i5 2500k cpu
Corsair h60 cpu cooler
Asus dvd reader/writer
Ocz 850w power supply
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  1. something is shorting

    The first thing to try is the switch on the case .Unplg that at the motherboard and use the tip of a screwdriver , briefly, on the power pins to start it

    same? different?

    Also try the troubleshooting thread at the top of the forum
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