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ok so I have a brand new build that constantly beeps and wont turn on, 1 short beep then 1 long beep which indicates a memory error. I have 2x2gb ddr2 ram and it always beeped until I only put 1 stick in. then it worked. after a couple of weeks I encountered a blue screen of death then it happened all over again. and I tried moving the memory and it worked again when I had both stick of ram in the computer. then once again a couple of weeks later the blue screen and then beeps. so I left it alone for about a week then I tried to turn it back on and it only worked for 5 minutes then crash. And everything in the system is new except the hard drive.
any ideas on what's going on?
Amd Athlon 64 X2 5600+
2x2gb ddr2 memory
Nvidia Geforce gt 640
mcp61pm-hm nettle 1 motherboard ( )
320gb 7200 rpm Seagate hard drive
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  1. did you make sure the new hp mb bios was updated?? if it not a true hp mb did you put the newest bios on it. also is the ram you used 800 speed or less. most hp ddr2 mb were 533 and a little faster ram as the default ram speed.
  2. yes it has the latest bios, and yes the ram is correct speeds.
  3. try one dimm at a time put it in each slot..if no change try the other or another dimm. hopefully it a bad dimm and not a bad memory controller on the mb.
  4. im guessing it is a bad memory controller. because neither of the ram sticks work in any slot and its all brand new. they only work sometimes then I get blue screen then beeps again
  5. Also another thing that happens when I get into windows. is I do not see the notifications on the bottom right of the screen (ex volume, network) and the time always resets every once in a while. so could a bad cmos battery have to do with it?
  6. old cmos battery or the cmos jumper on right will cause that issue.
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