PC shuts down at night


My PC shuts down automatically at night after 1 hour or sometimes 3 hr. I dont know why. It might not be temprature or PSU issue because i use PC for more then 5-6 times during daytime continues but this shut downs happens every night.

IN Power Setting Mode >> Going to Sleep << Disabled.

I use Windows 7 and its no RC.
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  1. power saving settings? (advanced)

    bios option?

    generic psu?

    windows updates?

    cpu hsf not seated correctly?
  2. i am using XP and i have no problem of shutdown in it << so some problem in Windows 7.
  3. not necessarily a "problem" as the power saving settings in Windows 7 are much more advanced and offer far more options then XP. So same recommendation here...check your Windows 7 power settings first.
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