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Which video card is better for gaming?

EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB Video Card ($119.99 @ NCIX US)
MSI GeForce GT 630 4GB Video Card ($77.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Link to MSI GT 630:
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  1. gtx 550 ti alot better, ;)
  2. 550ti, what is your budget and current system specs?
  3. im guessing his budget is in the 120-130s only the 7700 i would see as a healthy alternative at that price range.
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    personally id go for this:

    @OP its usually the second and third digits that matter the most the first is just the gen

    ie: gt 630 is significantly worse then a 550ti, a 650ti however is a pretty decent card as well but a bit out of your budget
  5. I agree with iceclock. In that range, a HD7770 is better. See if there are GTX650Ti cards in that range. I'm not sure I'd buy the cheapest graphics card with a given GPU though; I'd be worried about getting a poopy fan, low-quality shroud, inefficient (and potentially whiny) solid-core chokes, and otherwise a low-quality product.
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  7. also here is a link to my buid so far... I completely changed it after feedback from Kamen_BG. I'm worried about the power supply tough.

    had to reduce cost in some area to get a better video card
  8. xfx makes nice psus
  9. ur new build seems nice except id choose maybe a higher tier mobo.
  10. iceclock said:
    ur new build seems nice except id choose maybe a higher tier mobo.

    I'm sorry I am new to this but could you explain to me what a mobo is?
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