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Gpu still running hot after canned air clean out.

I'm having trouble with lowering the idle temperatures of my ATI 5850. When it came new I remember it running around 36c ( I don't expect it to run at this temp ever again). It now Idles at 55c after cleaning out the graphics card with canned air and cleaning out the fan with a soft brush. Canned air only lowers the temperature for about a month. I spayed the back a lot then sprayed the fan to get all that dust out. Any suggestions on how to lower this temp?
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    Every now and then I do the same thing. But I do a proper strip down of the cooler as well
    Taking it off to get to the gpu chip, over time the thermal paste tends to dry out.
    So I suggest you have a go at that to lower the temps.
    Clean all of the old paste off the Gpu die, then apply a blob of thermal paste in the middle of the Gpu die. Use some sort of plastic card and spread it in a thin layer all the way over the gpu die and then put the cooling unit on to the card. It normally will lower the temps by a few degrees. if the card was hitting 90c or more under heavy load then i would be concerned.
  2. Okay that sounds good. What about the ram? Is that fine? Do I need to replace anything for that ?
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