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I have a problem with video 295, the card is overheating many times and i have to go in service shop, they have fixed card, it haves problems with DirectX overheating, gives black blank screen, now is working, but only when i setup a OS, screen it freezes and install cannot continue on any OS from what can should be that ?
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  1. the gtx 295 is a toasty card, its known for overheating, is there any way u can rma ur card or is it out of warranty, if u can rma it i would, if not u might need a new graphic card. the gtx 295 was a beast card but overheated alot sadly.
  2. i can't remove it, there is no warranty, how can i fix the problem with freezing on OS installing with card?
  3. maybe buy an after market cooler?

    id ask someone a second opinion i cannot find a compatible aftermarket cooler, im shur theyres one just cant find one, thanks

    or get a new videocard. those are ur 2 options.
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