New PC Build Crashing - i3 3240 + AMD 7770

Recently I put together a new PC for my friend. He wanted a relatively low budget gaming computer so I built him this:

CPU: Intel i3-3240 (unsure of the last numbers.)
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 7770
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
PSU: Corsair cx500
MB: Gigabyte H77 mATX

So after we built it I installed Windows 7 Professional and the latest AMD drivers, catalyst 12.8 at the time. After playing any title his computer freezes. The image on his screen stops and locks up. This only happens about 10 minutes into a game. I feel extremely bad because I picked the components and figured that they should work together fine. I just really wish I could fix this problem for him and get him back into gaming.

Java based games and flash based games never have a problem, it only seems to be "real" games like BF3, FarCry3, Portal 2, L4D2 etc. :fou:
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  1. Would also like to mention that he is using a DVI-VGA adaptor on his monitor atm since in my google search I found that people were talking about that as a problem
  2. What trouble shooting have you done so far? have you tried removing the gpu and using the onboard graphics just to see if the freezing stops?
  3. If you think that the DVI-VGA adapter is the problem is it possible for you to use a different cable? Does he has any other input on his monitor?

    Did you check the temps or run any stress test?
  4. Yeah I have run furmark to stress the GPU. It hits perfect temps of under 50 at 100% load.

    I plan on getting a DVI cable to check if that is the problem. Onboard graphics were working, but died under the load of a game. They were not crashing though.

    I've ruled out the power supply, but not the ram yet. The power supply puts out enough wattage and voltage for the graphics card
  5. Bump, I just checked the CPU and GPU temps. They are staying at less than 60 which is quite good for a gaming load. The crashing seems to be like overheating, the image from the computer freezes and stops. The computer becomes unresponsive and you cannot alt tab etc. But the 7770 never breaks 50 degrees before the crash so I doubt thats the problem. Any ideas guys?

    Also, the PSU is a Corsair CX500 as stated above, and it puts out 34A on the 12V+ rail so I should be fine with running a 7770 that needs 28A.
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