Hello, I am trying to decide what video card to get. I've narrowed it down to either the EVGA SC 3GB or the ASUS DC2O.

The main differences are that the ASUS overclocks a lot higher, and runs a lot cooler and quieter. The EVGA has 3GB of VRAM, exhausts outside the case, and is 20 dollars cheaper.

I only run at 1920x1080, and so I don't think I really need the extra VRAM, but is there any time that it will be more valuable like max settings with AA at this resolution? What games would make use of it?

Any other tips or suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
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  1. The ASUS card is quiet'er, the ASUS card is also somewhat more ugly. (More of an opinion I guess)

    The 3GB of VRAM would help with High resolution textures on things like Metro 2033.

    The EVGA card blows hot air from the system, allowing the case to be about 5% cooler overall. BUT, the card runs hotter, about 10-20c hotter actually, which is quite alot, but within the stock specs of a 660ti.

    So its basicly, do I want an ugly card thats faster clocked, or a card thats more gracefull, and can handle higher resolutions in the future?
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