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Okay I'm looking for someone so suggest parts for a new pc build I'm looking to do. I have no spending limit and am looking for the most foolproof and fastest performing system possible. Computer will be used for music editing, cpu intensive tasks, and gaming.

I don't want just any "good" computer build. I want the best! I've been saving up for some and now it's time to let loose.

I also will need suggestions for 3d vision or whatever worth it? I've never seen 3d gaming. Also, what is best sized screen for gaming (again no limit $)

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  1. 3D is officially dead.

    The best monitor resolution would be 1920 x 1080. The size really depends on you.

    Just save up about $1k and you'll have a great build.
  2. I'm doing the same thing, there are too many options. I think it's an exponential curve of cost/Performance, you pay a lot to get the latest even if it's only a 10% improvement. I was going to get a good ATX case and start from there with a good motherboard etc. I'll report back what I find out.
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