Finally done with my first gaming PC

Finally picked out all my parts for my first self built gamin PC. Let me know what you think and any suggestions/ changes you may have!

should add that the hardboard + cpu combo was only 240 total because I got a combo deal at a local store.
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  1. you should know that the i5 3570k wont work out of the box with the board. you will need a bios update, which is not really possible without a sandy bridge chip. wouldnt waste my time like that

    id get this


    case. window version is avaliable at the same price

    cooler. will not work out of the box but you can email noctua and they will send you a 1155 mounting kit for free. this version has better fans and is cheaper

    hard drive

  2. sorry I updated it, it was actually the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H ATX LGA1155 Motherboard just put the wrong one in there
  3. you are using a z68 board, a chipset that was designed for sandy bridge. it will definitely work with ivy bridge chips (i5 3570k) but then you need a bios update. to update the bios, you need a sandy bridge CPU to get that going. unless you have one, it would be rather pointless to get this board
  4. sorry updated the parts list, just picked the wrong one when adding it to the list.
  5. ^ as he said its easier just to get a z77 motherboard and i advice going with a seasonic powersupply over that one.The xfx core and pro seires from what I have been told are manufactured by seasonic so there just as good.personally run a pro semi modular 850w from xfx.
  6. am102392 said:
    sorry updated the parts list, just picked the wrong one when adding it to the list.

    Other than the powersupply than,looks like a killer system.
  7. I own that exact power supply and it is a fine specimen :p
  8. the PC Power and Cooling Silencer MKIII 600W I mean, its really made by OCZ if you didn't know. All PC Power and Cooling products are.
  9. if its the z77x-ud3h, go ahead and grab that combo. the rest i would go with what i picked

    850w is overkill for a single card operation or a dual video card operation. the most wattage psu you should be picking up for SLI 670s is 750w. the 850w is kind of reserved for the 7970 and dual 690s
  10. the MKIII is made by delta, a very reputable psu maker. not exactly seasonic, but still very good
  11. thanks for the advice guys!
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