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So I just finished building my first PC, and I have never done it before so I only think I did things properly (basically just followed the instructions provided) and it turns on, the disc tray works, but I don't get any video or anything. I don't have an OS installed yet.
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  1. So I guess my question is if anybody knows what is wrong, or how I could find out what is wrong (preferably for free)
  2. Here's video of what I got so far, I wasn't sure what I should get video of so if I missed something just say so and I'll get video of it.
  3. Carefully follow all the steps here:
    (additionally check using onboard video if you have it, vs using discrete graphics card). I watched your video and the only "mistake" I see is using the bottom PCI-E slot - that one is often x8 or x4 speed only, but shouldn't cause a no-boot, just might be slower. Use the highest PCI-E slot first. Take everything apart and reconnect it all if you can't get it to work, that can fix issues with a bad connection/connection just barely not correct.
  4. ok thanks, I should also note that my monitor isn't compatible with my video card so the monitor is currently plugged into the mother board, I have my hdtv connected to my video card via an HDMI cord though
  5. if your monitor isn't "compatible" with your video card, why do you have the gpu installed? remove it if you want to use onboard graphics.
  6. Well I don't want to use onboard graphics, hence why I have the video card in the first place, and an hdmi cord plugs in just fine
  7. give us your system spec to help..if it a newer intel i3/i5 cpu then the mb if it posting the video may be the first video device in the bios. your ram not in right and your shorting somthing out. there a good sapping sound when you powered on the build.
    you should not see the gold finger of the ram if it in all the way.
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    the ram should click if installed right.
  9. i5 3470
    HIS radeon 7870
    ASROCK h77
    everything else is more or less standard. HDD, and CD drive... etc
  10. I think it might be because my RAM sticks aren't fully down. they wiggle a bit, unfortunately I will have to take my computer apart to get them down right since my video card is blocking the lock mechanism. I'll probably just take it completely apart and rebuild it tomorrow using a newegg video rather than the instruction booklets.
  11. My video card came with this flexible strip with connections on either end that says crossfire on it. Do I need that installed in the computer somewhere? It was under the foam that the card was packaged with so I didn't notice it until I rechecked the box.
  12. no.
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  14. It appears to be working now, used an adapter to plug in the monitor to the video card, and pushed the RAM all the way in. Now the ASROCK thing pops up on the screen when I turn it on and its asking for drivers and what-not. So hopefully when I install my OS it will all be working.
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