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Help! My screen is glitching/flickering/etc.

December 21, 2012 7:47:56 PM

Computer Specs:
OS: Win7 64-Bit Ultimate
CPU: Intel i-5 2500k
RAM: 16GB G.Skill

Okay so i was playing a game and my computer decides to do an update on me and shuts down my computer mid game. So my computer installs the updates, shuts down, and restarts. I log into Windows and go to run the game again and the bottom half of the game is glitching showing other parts of the screen in the wrong parts (at the start menu of the game) just flickering them. This also happens in any browser (tried chrome, IE and FireFox), really bad when watching a video like on youtube.

A better example i guess would be the bottom right of my screen theres a popup telling me avast needs to update and that little section also flickered on the far left side of my screen. Even as i type this thread my screen flickers every once in awhile.

Steps i already took:
At first i restored back to a restore point (12/16/12) before the update took place. But that didn't fix it. So i restarted my computer (i installed the updates again since it seemed they weren't the issue and they were critical updates. KB2753842 and KB915597.)

I made sure my GPU was up to date which it was. So i tried uninstalling the driver and re-installing and restarting my PC, still didn't work.

Not sure what seems to be the issue here. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. If need be i will take a short video of my screen and put it on Youtube so you can see EXACTLY whats going on.

Thank You!