Unplugged monitor, now computer won't boot

Yesterday I unplugged my monitor and keyboard and plugged them into my Dad's computer. When I plugged them back into my computer, it wouldn't boot up. The power light comes on and another light keeps blinking.

Just spoke with my Dad and he says that his computer will not boot now!

What could've happened????

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Two of the "I'm not trying to sound insulting but I have to ask" questions are, did you turn the monitor on and is it plugged in (power cord / input behind comp)?

    If that's not the case...are you getting the post beep when you turn the computer on?
  2. check for bent video pins on the video cables. you may have bent a pin. have your dad turn your pc off andf unplug it from the wall and try clearing the cmos. you masy have glitch both pc.
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