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Hello, I am looking to purchase a desktop to use for my home business. I've been using Mac laptops for a while now and I am terribly out of the loop when it comes to computer specifications these days. Can someone help me to find the best value for a desktop and two monitors to serve my business needs? I don't want to build the computer so if its a prebuilt I can buy off of newegg that would be great. Lets say my budget is 1000. Thanks!
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  1. business..... what are you going to be doing on the computer? which programs are you planning to run?
  2. Nothing that would tax the system too much I'd imagine. ThomsonONE and Microsoft Excel simultaneously for the most part. Thus why I want two monitors.
  3. also pick up a dell biz pc

    or you can pick up a home dell or hp and the 19.00 video card and put in 4g of extra ram so that you have 8g of system ram.
    most new pre builts amd and intel have onboard gpu that run one to to monitors. the nvidia or ati card will run the other two.
    i would also pick up a small nas backup for your house. one that holds one to 4 drives. and use some good small biz backup software. or sign up if you have high speed internet a cloud based backup.
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