The BEST build I have ever had. Keep or sell?

Here is my new old build will be listed to. trying to decide if I should sell my new build and just keep my old one.

Old Build:
Ivy i5 3550k @4.4Ghz H80 Loop
16GB 1600mhz vengence
256GB SSD M4
600GB raptor
Asus Z77 PRO
850watt corsair modular

New Build:
Ivy i7 3770k @4.4Ghz Custom loop water cooling
16GB 2000mhz dominator
Asus maximus V ($500 mobo)
256GB M4 SSD
600GB Raptor
1500 watt EVGA NOVA PSU
EVGA GTX 670 2GB SLI both have water blocks and on the loop
one 2x120mm rad. and one thick 120mm rad
Pump on the cpu block along with another normal pump. and a Res.

I play BF3, GW2, CSS and possibly Skyrim Online when it comes. I like Ultra settings at 1080p with 60+ FPS....I was thinking if I keep the new rig sell the old with a 120gb SSD and a 2TB hdd for $ this fair? If I keep it sell the new rig with the 120 and 2TB for...? $2500? the cooling setup makes its cost right around 3k if I remember right? I dont know.. Can I post a youtube clip on here or no?
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  1. Nothing will change though except for the fact you got another 670.

    No change in performance whatsoever if you added a 670 to your old build.

    You can easily SLI 2 670gb with your corsair 850w heck you can even SLI 3 670s on a 850w.
  2. ^+1

    if gaming's the only thing you're doing, sell the i7 build, buy another 670 for the i5 PC, and either keep the rest of your cash for future upgrades, buy a buncha games or buy/add a higher res/ two more 1080p monitors.

    keep the i7 if all you want to do is flaunt them geek credz or like how pretty it looks.
  3. true....figured as much. Wel if ya know anybody :P the loop is very nice all compression fittings and such. probably over 500 in just the water cooling setup...blocks, fittings, res,pump,rads,high end 120mm fans low noise high cfm.

    When I game on BF3 I see a difference in FPS but cant tell in game play...SLI = up to 140fps ultra 2 monitors.....670 single...around up to 90-100 fps
  4. personally, there's really no wrong answer here . just opinions based on individual preference. i just play video games with my PC at most, and as long as i can hit 50-60fps at 1080p in most games, i'm satisfied. plus, a custom water loop is too much responsibility for me to even bother. hence, why i choose to sell the i7 if i were in your shoes.

    but if you really like the i7, and you're aware of the time and money needed for maintaining that water loop, keep it. no one's going to think less of you. who knows? maybe games can benefit from 6 cores in the near future seeing as the PS4/Xbox720 is just over the horizon, with all it's supposed 4 cores/ 8 modules CPU glory. you can still gain a good deal of cash anyway selling that i5...

    ...and no, i wouldn't pay $1.2K for a second hand 3570K+670, seeing as i can spend just as much for a brand new build, with about the same performance. $800-850, maybe. for the less tech savvy, i can see them willing to pay your amount.
  5. Yeah...its about a $1600 build with the motherboard and such... I dont go cheap on my parts even though there isnt much performance gain...hoping for 1k-1.2. Thanks..Ill probably just...hhmm well I don't know yet haha.
  6. If you can, post the youtube link here so we check out your builds.

    Same build...^^^ I have had sooo many wish I took video of all of them :/

    Here is a complete acrylic build I did
  8. I'm not sure I understand. Do you own both these builds now? If so, why?
  9. Both the builds in the first post...yes...I actualy have about.....6 builds as of now. I upgrade constantly becasue I like to build and also shop for bargains locally on used parts and build for friends etc... But theses 2 are by far the best builds I have as of now. I do have an i7 950 @ 3.4Ghz with a 660ti..its pretty solid too but its going to a friend to play skyrim online.
  10. you see..I work three 12hr that leaves me with 4 days and build with a bit of my free and spend time with the wife the other part :P
  11. I'd probably try and sell the old build because you'll have a hard time getting a good price for the new one due to overspending.
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