Thinking of making this build? what parts?

Hi, i am looking for a build with a quad core at least. It MUST out perform my laptop. My laptop is core i5 2450m, radeon 7670m 2gb gpu, windows 7 home premium, 4gb ram. so id like a legit quad core like the amd a10 apu, core i5 (sandy or ivy) or an amd fx 8320 or 50. Gpu maybe gtx 650 or hd6950? i duno but i will get 8 gb ram

Approximate Purchase Date: within a month or 2

Budget Range: 7-800 dollars, maybe a bit more, before shipping

System Usage from Most to Least Important: I will game mostly, surf the net a bit, video edit/render and watch movies
Are you buying a monitor: No, will use my 40inch tv

Parts to Upgrade: fresh build now , possible upgrades in future

Do you need to buy OS: Yes (windows 7 or 8, just the cheapest, preferably 7)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: the cheapest, im on a budget

Location: New Zealand, will buy off the internet but only from my country

Parts Preferences: Nvidia gpu, willing to consider amd, amd cpu or intel cpu, whichever is cheapest but still powerful

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe down the line

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, will be gettin 3 monitors later on

Additional Comments: must be powerful, nouse doesnt matter too much, i will ad fans into the case so probs will get louder. Will be playing gta iv and episodes, bf 3, skyrim, farcry 3, saints row 3, diablo 3, sniper elite v2, arma 2 and many more to come

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading
because id like to max out these games or atleast run them on high with minimal or no lag because my laptop just cant do it without lagging at the wrong times or freezing and i would like a powerful desktop with a lot fo space for movies and such
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  1. I tried but pcpartpicker kept crashing ;_;
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