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Hi, today my computer is extremely laggy, yesterday I was gaming and there was absolutely no problems, but I turn on my computer today and it can barely withstand a game, the FPS is very low and everything is laggy. I did a two day system restore, my computer is on balanced power, i tried high performance (to no avail) and the lag just will not seem to go away, I have the latest drivers for my graphics card and I don't know what to do now.
My computer specs are
processor: Athlon(TM) dual core processor 4850e (2 pcs) 2.5GHZ
Memory: 2558 GB ram

And this what I just noticed is.. I recently had a Nvidia GTX 520 installed on my computer, recent as in about 4 months ago, and up until now it has told me that there is a Nvidia GTX 520 installed, but for some reason now it is showing Nvidia GeForce 9200.. help?

This has just started happening after I moved my computer to a different room.
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  1. Check what you connected the monitor to. It must be connected to the graphics card rather than the motherboard.
  2. I just noticed that it is currently using my integrated graphics card like from when I first purchased my computer, but it is no longer there, but apparently it is still detecting my GT 520 but I don't know how to use that display rather than it using the 9200
  3. Plug your monitor into the GPU (GT 520) rather than the motherboards graphics, then reboot.
  4. Thank you for the answers! I actually managed to figure it out, blonde moment.
  5. I'm glad you've managed to solve it :).
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