Issues with a new GTX560 Ti I bought.

So, I bought the GTX560Ti from eBay for $250 +$67 shipping..
My setup is this:
AMD Phenom X4 955 @3.5 Ghz (Slight OC)
4GB DDR3 1333Mhz
500Watt Seasonic Bronze certified PSU
The issue comes is when I install the new card, everything works perfectly after installing nVidia's drivers then the issue strikes
when windows boots to it desktop the screen becomes plain blue, while moving the mouse it comes back to normal and I see a notification at the tray saying display has restored but then again it becomes plain blue, is it lack of power or a DoA card?
I should make this clear that the blue screen is just a plain blue screen and not a BSOD.
The subvendor of this GTX560Ti is gigabyte,
Here's the card itself on Gigabyte's site:
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  1. Does it say anything in Windows event viewer? That is where you shoudl find your answer.
  2. Does it work in safemode? Might want to try updating bios and video drivers.

    Guess I shouldn't show you whats on my local craigslist... Ahh, might as well.
  3. It sounds like your card is broken because there is no reason there should be any issue. If the event viewer says anything from the NVidia driver it's most likely your card. What OS because it could be compatibility but I doubt it. Was it shipped in an anti-static bag? Did you buy it new or used?
  4. You bought a GTX 560 Ti for $317 ?!?! :o That is the issue :lol:
    And that from Ebay? If it is a used, It is definitely broken.
  5. Wow, I didn't even catch that. I saw that $250 and said that was to much. I missed the shipping part. My first guess was Ebay so probably broke. And that's very possible.
  6. I think I bought my 660 ti for that much... Get a refund if possible. Use newegg next time.
  7. You might have gotten a defective one. Or maybe you didnt install something correctly.
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