PLEASE HELP! My 2 7970ghz cards are getting too hot!

So i have 2 7970ghz cards that i have not overclocked further since I got them. I also have a sound card. I have a haf x case.My motherboard is the z77 extreme4 and it looks like this:
My card setup looks like this:


I was wondering if adding a pci slot between the two gpu cards would decrease temps a good 10 degrees or so. The motherboard I had in mind was this:
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  1. It, might be that. I would try underclocking or trying the cards individually to make sure that it is an airflow problem, which I'm almost sure it is. But if it is, I think you would prefer to not waste $300 on that motherboard.
  2. I think your Computer isn't having a Good Airflow.
    Those cards are so Close. They'll produce much heat.
    One of them is throwing Hot Air to the Other. Looks like a Fight. :na:

    Maybe get Water cooling or a better Airflow Cabinet
    And arrange them Properly.
  3. I would agree with a water cooling system. Those are very expensive, but if you are willing to spend $300 on a new motherboard, you might be able to afford a custom loop for just your gpu's, and maybe do your cpu while you're at it.
  4. I already have a watercooled cpu but for reasons that woul take to long to explian a custom loop is not an option. I also think it is an airflow option mainly the fact the are so close together becaue my case is good but my main question is if getting a mobo with enough pci slots to seperate the cards another slot would lower the temps enough to something like 80 degrees. Does anyone know just how much seperating the gpus a slot would help airflow and lower temps?
  5. Then, that case is probably small for that Beast.
    If possible then get a Big one or Open Cabinets (Custom Designed)
    Like this one

    Can I ask whether your 7970 X-fire run fine or Not? Any stuttering issue? Any other issue?
    Just wanted to know. ;)
  6. I have a hafx so i would not think the case to be too small however correct me if i am wrong. Personally i have not had any issues at all when crossfire works bu i have not been able to get it to work in some games at all. This may b due to personal incompetance or just the games themselves but i would think skyrim should scale well with crossfire enabled in CCC.
  7. I'm guessing that your 7970's are 3x slot cards? With your mobo, there unfortunately is not a good way to fix this other than by going water cooled. If you are willing to get a different mobo instead of water cooling, your temps will drop quite a bit (assuming both cards are working properly).

    I have 3 XFX 7970s, I know that when they are butted up next to each other the temps skyrocket very quickly. I keep them about an inch apart and my temps stay in the mid 70s while over clocked to 1200 clock and 1575 memory.
  8. If i had the gpus seperaed an inch from each other with the sound card right next to one card on the backplate side so not to block the fans then should they also stay at acceptable temps?
  9. You need at least one full slot of space between cards in crossfire/SLI or else you'll have to undervolt them to keep temps down.

    You basically sandwiched two cards right up against one another... that's why you're having heat issues most likely. The bottom card juts sits there taking a heat dump all over your top card and keeps it from getting in cool air to stay cool.
  10. Yes but i do not mean the gpu cards. I already know i can seperate them a slot. Since the SOUND CARD would be on top of the top card leaving space between the graphics cards still but the sound card would be touching a graphics card backplate however that does not obstruct the fans on the other side of that card so now i am asking if the sound not graphics card...SOUND card touching the backplate of the top card while there still being good space between the GRAPHICS cards will give me good temps and not damage any components after prolonged use. Look at my card setup oictue from my first post and notice all three sandwiched. Would having the same setup except the two gpu cards having another slot between them (keep in mind the top two cards from the picture would still be touching) give good results temp wise and not damage anything? I cannot word it any clearer but people keep answering a different question than what i am now asking.
  11. Hmm after reading your last response pckid22, I take it you are trying to put all 3 cards in the same slot and put the sound card in front of all 3 cards? Lol joking!

    Anyways, yes you will be fine having the soundcard close to the top cards backplate...backplate is just another spot for heat to get absorbed into, your sound card will not effect the backplate.

    The only thing that I would be concerned about is your pci-e lane the top pci-e slot a 1x slot on your board? Have you figured out what your lane assignment will be when you reconfigure your board with the new card setup? You will be fine as long as all 3 gpus are in atleast a 8x(2.0 or 3.0, some conflicting data but most say that 2.0 8x is fast enough for these cards) per card configuration.
  12. Sounds like you need to buy the larger motherboard to fit a sound card + 2 GPUs...
  13. Your problem is you cheapo Asrock z77 extreme4, instead run a custom fan curve yes they will be louder live with it
  14. Do not know what a custom fan curve is bu do enlighten me... When i get the new mobo with 5 pcie 3 slots i was going to try and put the sound card on top skip a slot and put the first card then skip another slot putting the last gpu on the very edge of the board so that instead of needing two more slots the rest of the card that would normally take up alot more space could just hang off the end. Then i realized that would not be possible because that is where the case reset and power plugs and audio headers etc need to plug in and there is not enough room for my gpu and those. Rageing commenced. I do not need all these exra slots and crap all i need is twp pcie3 slots and one pci 1.slot that are all spaced fairly far apart. My gpu cards are three slot and my sound card is one slot so if anyone can find a board with enough space between said slits i would be ecstaticly happy. I have been getting suggestions to do liquid cooling but my mom will not let me because if a phobea she has with water around electronics. I am interested to see what this custom fan curve the one guy mentioned is and googling will commence shortly but i have a feeling it will not be the solution.

    EDIT: to guy who suggested fan curve: just found iut that is just what speed the fans go at certain temps and as stated in my first post my fan speeds are set to ninety percent constantly i tried one hundred percent and it made no difference so thx for the suggestion but it will not help because i already have a custom curve and consequently accepted the noise along with it.
  15. You do realize that most motherboards specify which two slots to use for crossfire, right? It's typically not as simple as "Oh I'll just put these wherever I want"...
  16. No i did jot realise that although i do not see why it would matter what two identical pcie 3 slots i put them in. Will it matter?
  17. Also i was just hinking are the crossfire bridges for the cards long enough for connecting to the cards when they are seperated a pci slot?
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