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Hello there, I was just curious about my temps because I keep reading about people claiming crazy low temps with the same setups etc etc, and I am unsure as to if they are exaggerating, or if something is wrong on my end. In Guild Wars 2, everything maxed in areas with lots of players, temps can get up to 65°C (spikes there sometimes, rarely, but it's the highest and it has hit there), but on average it sits around 60°C under load, while some people claim they never go past 50°C. I run everything maxed (with Vsync) on 1920 x 1080, so I imagine temps should maybe get high ish? I am not sure exactly, that's why I'm here asking for help anywho! I have an i5 3570k (NOT oced atm) with a Noctua NH D14 cooler, so I worry if temps should be lower with it not overclocked like this. I replaced the thermal compound yesterday, and temps didn't change at all, so I really dunno what else to look for. Thanks!
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  1. For some people its how they measure the temperature.

    but either way your temps look fine . And it may simply be your target temp in BIOS is set to 60 C and the fans are only ramping up to hold temps at that level

    How hot is your graphics card ?
  2. Around 55°C.
  3. Looks good to me!
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