Card overheats after I stop Furmark?

I just received my second RMA card after running furmark for about 30 minutes or so the temp is about 95 Celsius and soon as I exit out of the burn in test the screen gets green/pink lines in it the display goes black and the computer blue screens did they send me another bad card ? I tested another card on furmark a much cheaper one and the card never went over 35 Celsius the card in question is a MSI Gtx 560 Ti Twin Frozrr II 2gb Oc'd the other card is a XFX radeon 6570. Any suggestions?
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  1. Why to give your card stress? Just play games.
    If the card runs good in games, then its good.
  2. Because why would I want to use a card that is just going to give out on any stressful game even while playing blacklight retribution the drivers would crash and the screen would get green and pink.
  3. omg make sure your running msi afterburner i found the newer nvidia drivers and the older 560 cards dont spin the fan up to max speed when the card is under load. gpu cards are going to over heat if the fan does not spin up when the card is under load. card with the fan running at max speed should not over heat.
  4. I was running MSI afterburner fans were at max speed.
  5. but what is the airflow like in your case if it is poor it gonna heat up more if your case is'nt removing heat via a case fan
  6. 1 Front 120mm fan 1 Back 120mm fan 1 140mm Top fan.
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