How to telephone and network in 1 cat5e


Can i run a telephone line (UK BT) and a network connection in 1 x cat5e, this is to work a uk sky tv/internet box which requires a telephone line and an internet connection for its on demand side

Many thanks
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Your Sky box has a telephone socket and it's that one they say you should connect to the telephone system. I say you don't unless you want Interactive services but Sky insist so they can poach information about your viewing habits and phone them home to Scotland.

    It's the next-to-useless black Netgear router that needs to be connected through a filter they provide to the telephone system so you can get the Broadband signal to the router.

    Ethernet (Cat 5e) only comes into the mix if you wish to wire a PC straight to the router instead of using wireless.

  2. Thank you for your reply, but i was asking can telephone and 100Tbase network be run in same cat5e cable.
    I know the Ethernet only uses 2 pairs, i wondered whether i could put the BT telephone through the other pairs.
    I have an outlet plate which has a telephone and a Rj45 socket on it.
    This would give me separate telephone and internet.
    Sorry if i wasn't clear, im new to this.
  3. Yes you can do that, it's outside of approved specs etc, but it will work fine.

    I have a similar setup but running 2 x 100Mbit Ethernet lines.
  4. Gigabit ethernet requires all 4 pairs. 10/100MBit only uses two pairs. The other two pairs are used to eliminate crosstalk on the wires. Although you may get a phone line and ethernet to work, your speed may be impaired, especially at longer distances.
  5. thats great, i will give it go

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