How can i make my wireless system accept my fujitsu laptop

I have a fujitsu li37101 running windows 7, I have a pc on wireless network.
I cannot make the system accept my laptop. I have tried on the laptop, and I now have 3 access points, broadband, wireless network, and wn 2, the laptop opens the dialling mode but cannot go any further, it just sits there repeating it,s dialling, any suggestions
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It shouldn't be dialling at all - wireless connects to your router in the way that it says - wirelessly - and the router is (or should be) providing an "always on" DSL or Broadband service.

    Open Internet Explorer and go to the Tools menu then Internet Options> then the Connection tab and click to Remove any dial-up connections in the centre pane. Click on the LAN button and tick "Automatically detect settings", click Apply and OK. Restart the system and let us know what happens.

    You should see an icon in the bottom right hand corner like a screen with a couple of small )) to its right. Right click that and select your network, input your security key when prompted and when you're in, select Home for the network and click Close.

  2. Hiya again,

    My wireless adapter is on, according to the lights!

    I followed your instructions, & deleted the dial up connection & ticked automatically connect, and switched off, & restarted. the symbol down the bottom....
    Right clicked and it showed open network and sharing centre & troubleshoot, so I couldnt select network, tap on mouse board showed NOT CONNECTED no connections are available open network blah b;ah.Went to network cntre
    1, connect to network, sent me straight back to symbol as did 2 set up new connection to network , as did 3 connecft to network

    any further suggestions?

    Barnacle Bill

  3. If you know your SSID and the security key, set it up manually in Network and Sharing Centre>Manage Wireless Networks. If the wireless chip is on it will connect automatically but the lights may be on without it being actually working.

  4. I took it down to where I know there are wireless free networks,(Outer Hebrides) few and far between, I picked up 3 networks, but obviously I didn,t know the codes so couldnt use 'em., so that means that the problem is with my network or as the people here call it, notwork, J have an aerial on the outside of my house, I can actually see the mast, I log on , and it goes, verifying user name and then logs me in, it is connected to an IDU made by Alvarion, and I have had to contact them to get the security type, encription type and security, because my network cant supply it, AS THEY DONT KNOW THEM/ no good saying change them, they have a monopoly, as there is no broadband connection over phone lines


    Barnacle Bill

  5. That's a bit of a downer, Bill - I thought we had it rough here in Milton Keynes with speeds below 2Mb but at least we're only stuck with BT.

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