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<Just Newbie> Ask about Which Video Card is better.

Hey guys, I just jump in this forum and want to ask some questions. :D

I currently use a pc witch spec:
VGA:HD 7750 1 GB GDDR5/128 bit
500 watt power supply
Motherboard:Gigabyte 970A-d3

*I am thinking about upgrading my video card performance, since I am a big fan of GTAseries :) and the 4th one
can't work smoothly in high setting in my PC. :cry:
*What do you recommend, doing some crossfire or buy a new one with higher spec Video card?
*If i'm doing a croosfire, do I need a higher power supply?
*And can't you give me some sugestion on the type and brand of video card is better.
*Is it true that the amount of Vram is not affecting the performance?
(Sorry for bad english, not native speaker)
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  1. I would recommend doing crossfire.

    Your current power supply should be enough for crossfire 7750.

    Get the cheapest radeon 7750 on newegg, or any other place you like

    Vram will not affect performance as long as you have more than enough. For playing GTA on 1080, you have more than enough.
  2. isn't GTAIV require 1,4GB of Vram? Cause I really hope that I can't play in the highest setting
    Btw, my resolution is 1920x1080, because this future gaming stuff really bother me and i feel
    much better that I don't need to upgrade my pc in about a year..
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    I would get another stronger card rather then get another in Crossfire. I would say at least a 7850 for the upgrade to be worth it.

    You would need a bigger PSU for Crossfire/SLI, though I suspect two 7750 in Crossfire would be an exception though. They sip power and dont require any power cables.

    Sapphire, Gigabyte, ASUS and MSI are the brands to get. As I said above, I suggest at least a 7850 for the upgrade to be worth it, so essentially any card above ~$200.

    The amount of VRAM doesn't affect performance beyond a certain point. If you don't have enough of it, performance will drop. Though if you have more than enough, performance wont improve because of it. 2GB is what most cards have and is sufficient for 1080p gaming, very few (modded) games can exceed 2GB at that resolution.

    Also, you may have to upgrade your PSU anyway. Will depend on what card you pick though.
  4. So, said that I take 7850, do I need a bigger PSU, maybe 750?
  5. Will depend on the PSU you have and the 7850 you pick. Some 500W supplys do or dont have dual 6pin connector, some 7850's do or do not require dual 6-pin connectors.
  6. Well, that's explain a lot
  7. So i just find out that my PSU do have a dual PCI-E 6-Pin, good news for me, I guess..
  8. Sorry about the vague answer, but it is true.
    It does come down to the PSU whether it has a single or two 6/8pin connectors. 500W is around the threshold where they should have dual connectors, so some units do and some dont.

    For the 7850, a reference design 7850 only requires a single 6-pin connector. Some aftermarket ones (XFX and Sapphire I think) require two.
  9. Wait till GTA V comes out.
    See some Benchmarks and then Decide which card you need.

    And New cards will be around when GTA V is releasing (Summer).
  10. And that GTA IV is a crap.
    It was not modded properly for the PC.
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  12. I'd just add this - MSI, Gigabyte of Asus. I've had really bad experiences with Sapphire - their cards keep dying on me. GTX660 is another excellent option - 2GB card that's better than 2GB 7850 and costs barely any more. Have fun with whatever you choose :-)
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