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GPU fan stops spinning every 2 seconds

Hello, I have a problem with my GPU (hd 6950 2gb) fan.
The fan doesn't spin continuously and causes my card to overheat. When the fan stops spinning it makes a loud humming/buzzing noise.
Now, i don't know which part is faulty, the PSU, the fan or the PSU pins.
All other components work just fine btw, any suggestions?

EDIT: If it helps I checked the following in MSI afterburner:
idle temp is 85 Celsius.
idle fan speed is at 90%, even tho the fan tachometer of the fan doesn't ever get past the 2100 RPM, with constant raises and drops from 0 to 2100 RPM.
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  1. How you checked your Fan?
    Install MSI Afterburner. It will tell you the Temps & Fan speed of your GPU
  2. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    How you checked your Fan?
    Install MSI Afterburner. It will tell you the Temps & Fan speed of your GPU

    My bad, in the OP i posted the results from afterburner.
    I also know it is the fan because I see it stop spinning every few seconds.
  3. When did you buy it?

    If it is new, then it would have come Faulty.
    If it is old, then it must be broken
  4. Are you sure its the gpu fan? Can't it be the psu pins or something like that?
  5. It is more likely to be a GPU problem.
  6. OK thank you kind sir.
  7. sounds like the bearings on the fan has failed... if you spin it around when the pc is off does it turn freely or does it feel jammed? If it is ok the magnets in the fan should make it wobble back and forth a bit just when the spinning is about to stop.

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  8. and if they dont do that?
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    bg1230 said:
    and if they dont do that?
    that means there is too much friction in the bearings. if the fan has sleeve bearing there's not much you can do to fix it (it would need to be replaced), but if the fan has 'old' fashioned ball bearings you could oil it up like shown here:

    if you need to replace it, it's probably easier just to ghettomod some case fan on the heatsink... as long as there is air moving through the sink it should work just 'fine' :D
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  11. How can i check its not a PSU problem before i replace the fan?
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