How do i make my HDTV work with my 2 monitor's

I have a Sharp Aquos that I use as one of my monitors, and I have two monitors. I have to disconnect the tv if i want to use both monitors how can i make all three work? I'm not using a graphics card. My board has many ports and is crossfire capable.
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  1. If you have ivy bridge CPU and Z77 mainboard you can use all 3 outputs simultaneously. If not, then probably the best solution would be to buy a cheap graphics card from Sapphire FLEX series. It allows you to connect 3 monitors all using dvi, while with 'normal' radeon cards you have to use display port for at least one of your displays.
    Or you can buy two even cheaper cards, if your motherboard has two pci-e x16 slots.
  2. If you caN get a graphics card get one. Hd 7850 would be nice $200. With this card you wouldn't need to buy multiple cards it has multiple slots.
  3. It all depends on OPs budget, but for the 7850 he would probably need an active DP adapter.
  4. Yeah probably but it is better to have a powerful gpu when you have 3monitors. You may never know when you need the extra power.
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