Any suggestions on 16ms 17inch LCDs?


I need some suggestions on which 17inch LCD to choose. I've been looking at the Planar PX171M which is similar to the Viewsonic VP171B ( aside the fact that the viewsonic has a higher contrast ratio ). The NEC 1760V also caught my attention but it has no DVI to my knowledge, and the 1760NX does not have the 16ms response time.

Thanks in advance
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  1. The NEC 1760NX does have a 16 ms response time. You should take a look at Hyundai Q17A it is supposedly getting re-released by hyundai and is higly regarded by THG.

    The only thing that i truly know...

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  2. Does the 1760NX have 16 ms response time? Because on the DELL website it has two response time for 16 ms and one for 30ms. I always thought that it had 30ms.

    Besides the Q17A, any other suggestions? I know the Q17A is highly recommended by THG, but someone in the forum also mentioned that they are not sure whether or not Hyundai will be using the same panel as they did on the Q17A before. So I'm not really sure when is the best time to purchase a new LCD.
  3. Are you sure this NEC with 30 ms responce time wasn't VM version? I have heard a lot of positive things on VieSonic V171B.
  4. Does the Viewsonic have the same panel as the other 16ms LCDs? Because they all seem to suffer from colour washout, particularly in games.
  5. I'm leaning towards the 1760NX because it's cheaper than the VP171b and the specs are similar. Heard a lot of good things with both LCDs.

    I don't think I will get the Q17 since they jacked up the price now.

    So between the NEC1760NX and the VP171b, which one has a better price/performance ratio in your opinion?
  6. Here Nec is almost a 100$ cheaper than Viewsonic (which costs 700$- due to duties and VAT :( )
    But now i have a final three to choose from:
    Nec 1760NX Viewsonic V171B and Samsung 959NF (I'm hardcore gamer so I still consider CRT:) ) so i'm going to the shop and will ask them to show me these trio in action if the ghosting will be aceptable i will get LCD.
    Oh I've read that V171B is discontinued product:(
  7. I heard a lot of reviews from this forum and others about the viewsonic and it seems like a lot of people like it but they don't really go into detail. If someone can direct me to somewhere I can find reviews on 1760NX owners, I will greatly appreciate it since I need to make the decision between the two by tonight. Thanks
  8. I am also looking for a 17" TFT and I have made my choice unless someting unexpected happens. I will get the new Samsung 172X, they're in the process of releasing it now, available here in europe in late september or early october. This monitor has Samsung's new 16 ms panel. Best thing is, it will sell for just over $600, ca-ching!

  9. Do you have any link to reviev or specification of this new Samsung? I can't find any info about it on samsung web site neither on the global page nor on my regional page.

    This has a little information about the monitor including specs but it's in swedish so it may not be very useful to you.
    Here are the specs;

    270 cd/m2, 500:1 contrast ratio, 16 ms response time, 160 degrees viewing angle, weight 3,75 kilo and pivot.

  11. Thx for the info i think i'll wait for it and compare it for the v171b in action becouse from the specs it looks a bit better. Do you know if it will have dvi connection?
  12. I'm not sure about the DVI but I can't imagine it hasn't got it. If there is no DVI then I'm not buying it, thats for sure but I think I read somewhere that it has the DVI connection.

  13. Yes it has DVI. The only two things dissapoint me about this TFT is the 0.289 dot pitch and I don´t know if it displays 16.7m colours truly because I`ve read only 16.2m in the specs so maybe it lacks in the same way of the AUO panel?
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