SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum and it's Remote!

Ok, I know this may sound stupid, but I want to get a SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum for its remote controller! I want to be able to use my computer as a home entertainment system. I haven't considered a speaker upgrade yet (because a good set of THX speakers aren't in my budget yet), but I'm probably going to be upgrading my sound and cooling system. I'm moving towards a silent PC (as a loud PC wouldn't make a good entertainment system). Anyway, I wanted you guys to tell me as much as you can about the Audigy's remote. What are the extent of it's features? Can you reprogram the buttons? Does the IR receiver on the Audigy Drive have good range or do you have to be really close to it? What apps does it launch by default. What games come with the Audigy Platinum? Thanks in advance. I may have more Audigy Platinum questions later.

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  1. You could always get a wireless keyboard and use that instead. Seems like a better option to me.

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  2. Try one of these. <A HREF="" target="_new">USB IR remote</A> They cost about $50 US and you program the remote control software by assigning key mapping.

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  3. Hey, actually, I'd prefer to know about the Audigy Platinum and not a separate product as I am also interested in all the extra sound connectors on the Audigy Drive including Firewire.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
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