Decent graphics card for games


My properties are:

intel pentium 4 cpu 3.00GHZ 3.00GHZ


32 BIT Operating system windows 7

geforce 8400 gs videocard

My Question....

Im looking to upgrade my Card to a card that will run PKR. Im not bothered about games like Call of Duty etc... I just want to run PKR and my current Geforce 8400gs wont run without freezing.... What card shud i get? Thanks
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  1. :o I forgot to add its pci express ...
  2. don't know what pkr is......... link processor, your description is too vague.......... list rest of hardware including monitor and resolution.

    forgot........... what games and list real budget.
  3. What exactly is pkr?
    Any card with higher specs will be bottlenecked due to your processor.
    Either way you can go for a hd 7770, gtx 650ti. Your processor will bottleneck both.
  4. probably a radeon 6670 or 7750, a ram upgrade would be good too, most games require 2gb ram now
  5. Sorry... PKR is a poker game, but also games like Medieval 2 total war etc...... Thanks
  6. Get a Ati 5450 or a 5570 that is enough for you. Buying a card of higher specs will not benefit you as your processor will limit its performance
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