Radeon HD 5450 restarts my computer


I insert HD 5450 graphic card in to my pc. Then I start the it, pc restarts after showing desktop for few minutes after booting. Card heats a lot. It's 1gb card. brand is sapphire.
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  1. Could you list your full specs?
  2. Core 2 duo 2.4 GHZ
    I GB ram X 2
    Power supply 450W max ( not a branded one) - May supply around 250W I think
    Monitor Samsung 23" S23B370
  3. How old is the power supply unit? Do you have another pc/friend/neighbor in whose PC you could try the card to check whether it's not faulty?
  4. No. It looks like I have go to supplier. If my power supply is not enough is possible to restart instead of turn off ?
  5. Yes. It's one of the symptoms of power supply unit not being able to drag its weight.

    However, it could also be a faulty card.
  6. This issue is solved. Problem is with drivers. I used safe mode and installed drivers as one of friends instructed me.

    But I am having another issue, when watch movie in full screen (23 in Samsung LED monitor - SyncMaster S23B370) there are little horizontal distortion lines occur sometime. Only few lines visible in 3 inches from bottom line of monitor, it is not continuous process. It also happend in onborad VGA. But not in my earlier monitor 15 inch Philipes CRT. Only happend in full screen mode Videos. Not even when playing Games.
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