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Hi im new here but i have a question to this comunity of such great review place, the problem resumes on a mistake of me, big one, i was assembling a new computer, everything went perfect but wen i was inserting the graphics card and loking it to the motherboard i accidentaly break down 2 little circuits of the gfx card pcb near to that loking pin on the pci express slot, named C606 and C610, i dont know what they are but i know they are there for a reason, so im here to request opinions about if they will make a huge diference and or the inexisntence of them will affect the longivety of the card, im worried cuz this is a brand new and expensive msi gtx680 twin frozr III!
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hi again, well im still worried on what happened, yesterday i played some games, not the top of the line ones but for example civ 5, fear 3, tomb raider underworld, defenetly not the most recent ones but played them for almost 4 hours, the card and all the system worked perfectly, nice and smooth at 1080p res with everything at max, no sparks no issues, most importat no heat, card barely reached 44ºC, i have a cmstorm stryker case and a efficent airflow, still need to test with 3dmark 2011 and compare with results in benchmarks but i need to configure everything perfectly before i do this, the good thing as i said nothing bad happened, no screen glitches wich i was happy but the fact is that those resistors were there for a reason and they will be missed, probably the card life will be shorter!
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