My pc freezes i need Help please !

hello all I am new here :hello:

i am having this issue ...
6-7 days ago there was ugly weather here and lots of power outages
since then my pc started to freeze.
During gameplay (team fortress 2 and borderlands 2) my pc just freezes and screen turns white/grey with vertical lines all over it (sometimes black with grey vertical lines but it's usually white). Also when my screen freezes i can still hear game music and when i press the buttons i can still hear moving/shooting... the game is working for 1-2 minutes but then it freezes too and audio starts to loop and i need to hard reset my pc. The problem is it doesn't happen always at same time... sometimes it happens after 5 minutes sometimes after 30-60 and sometimes i can play for 2-3 hours with no problems.
It happens only when i am playing video games. I can watch videos, listen to music and surf the web just fine.

here is the picture i took with my cell phone..sorry for bad quality -

my pc is 3 years old
here are the specs:

windows 7 x64
mobo: asus M3N78 SE
ram: transcend ddr2 4gb 800mhz (2x2)
cpu: AMD Phenom II X4 810 (2.6 ghz)
gpu: Ati radeon hd 4890 1 gb
PSU: Chieftec 550 w
monitor: samsung t220
HDD: WD caviar black 1TB

I googled a lot and tried few things myself but no luck. I'm suspecting it's gpu but i am not sure and i don't have spare one to test it. So i want to hear your advice before i buy new one.
I tried stress testing my pc with memtest86+, intel burn test , prime95 and furmark.
The only problem i run into was during the furmark test ... i runned furmark 4 times for 30-60 minutes each and once it froze after 20 minutes with black screen and i had to hard reset my pc. Also my cpu/gpu are not overheating. i checked that during the tests and my top gpu temp. was 72 celsius (that's normal for this gpu) and my top cpu temp. was 55 celsius.

that's it
sorry for my bad English and i hope that someone can help me :(
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  1. Either the PSU or GPU.
  2. daship said:
    Either the PSU or GPU.

    yes it could also be a PSU now that i think better...
    guess i'm going to buy new PSU on monday and see what happens
    it's cheaper than the new GPU :D

    thanks for reply
  3. update:

    i finally solved my issue

    It was my GPU. First i bought new PSU (Seasonic 620W) but problem was still there.
    Then i bought new GPU ( asus ati hd 7870 2gb) and now everything works fine :D

    The only bad thing is.... now i'm broke :(
    but at least my pc works :p
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