hay i bought a new card it displays nothing and the when i plug it in any other computer it works fine any selution i have 300 wat power supply and
on boared dg31pr

any help
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  1. Specs? Card? We need more info!
  2. the card i brought i was a gt 630 from zotac and my pc specs are intel p d e2200 (old)
    and 3gb of ram and the gfx car is 2 gb from zotac power supply 300 watt (enough for tihs card ) but luck tried every thing no display and system doesn't boot any advice and my mobo is pcie x16 and the crad is the same not working plz help
  3. Are you plugging the monitor to the card and not the motherboard?
  4. yeah im not a noob
  5. Can you see a BIOS screen by using that card? Did you upgrade from another card or from integrated one?
  6. yeah upgraded from an ati readeon hd 5450 and i dont see a bios screen if the card is inside and i used driver sweeper and i went to the bios changed the display to pci-e
    and torn it on with the card nothing appeared the systim is not booting i don't hear any sound from my speakers and the lights keyboard dont light up i thought it was my psu so unplaged my dvd rom and few sticks of ram but nothing it should work but nothing should i try to update my bios ? and try again plz replay
  7. Could you list all your system specs and what cable you're using to hook up the monitor to the card?
  8. my all system specs are here i have 3 gb of ram running at 800 mhz and e2200 2.2 ghz and my monitor is from lg flatron l1734s and using the cable it came with which is a vga so i use dvi to vga converter
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