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So I have an Nvidia Gforce 6200 graphics card installed, and after reinstalling windows, i went to install the graphics drivers but halfway through my computer crashed (From unrelated reasons.) . Now my problem is this: Whenever I try to turn on my coimputer with the videocard installed, it goes through BIOS fine, but when Windows is loaded, the screen just goes black and stays like that. Everything works fine when the video card is not installed, but I can't download the drivers for it when it's not installed. Any advice?
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  1. hmm, thats crazy..never heard of not being able to install drivers even when the device is unplugged. Did you go t the NVIDIA website to download the latest driver?
  2. Yeah, and I've also tried mirrors. It's a older model, so sometimes it's a bit hard to find the drivers, but i've tried a few different sources.
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