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Help: Asrock Xtreme4 in Corsair 200R case

I'm putting my computer together. The holes in Asrock Xtreme4 motherboard don't seem to match with Corsair 200R case; there are more standoffs than holes in the mobo. I was confident in research that they fit though. Help! Thanks.
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  1. Okay, maybe I'm dumb or missed something. So not all screwpoints in the case are used? How do I make sure they don't touch the motherboard?

    I've been trying to find a tutorial, but any help woudl be appreciated!

    To clarify: there are 11 screw points in the 200R case, but only 8 holes in Asrock xtreme4 mobo.
  2. Those other 3 are probably for an mATX configuration, I think you can just leave them as is but I am not 100% sure.
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    The extreme 4 is too short to hit them all as I understand it. I'll know more this week when I get mine, but one side will hang off a bit.
  4. Only install the case standoffs to match the mounting holes on the motherboard. The case supports multiple form factors.
  5. There are several asrock boards that carry the extreme4 branding in both micro atx and atx form factors. Both form factors are supported by the case, but you have to adjust the standoffs accordingly.
  6. The problem is these are unremovable standoffs. If I don't use them, I think they will poke into the asrock xtreme4 motherboard.

    I too feel like this case should be designed to fit the motherboard, but i can't figure out how those extra unremovable standoffs will not damage it.
  7. What exact board do you have?
  8. Oh I'm an idiot, some of them are removable! I'm gonna remove them and update you guys if it fit!
  9. The answer to all riddles, and I want to thank you guys for your input, is that the asrock extreme4 is indeed smaller than I thought, so some of the unremovable standoffs don't touch it. I had to remove one of the removable standoffs, and it fit!

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