Hd 6670 issue

hi guys
I'm having a real bad issue with my new MSI R6670

I bought it a week ago when I connect it and run my pc
I hear the system startup beep as usual but screen stays black I left it 15 minute and still black
tried it on my friend PC worked like a charm

I updated my BIOS but nothing happened except ruining my boot sequence :pt1cable:

I'm running sapphire 5450 right now and it's working fine

Biostar MCP6P M2+
I know it's pretty old but have no money to upgrade it
please help me
I really need to run it now
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  1. I tried changing windows but didn't work to
    and I updated the bios for the last update released on Biostar's site
    it was released in 2010
    and when I run the pc when the card connected and plug the VGA-DVI cable to my mobo video card the black screen stills
    any way to fix it ? please help
  2. Try to run that card in your friends computer.

    If 6670 works in your Friends computer then there is a problem with your Computer.
    If it doesn't then send it for RMA.
  3. I know it's a problem from my PC as I see

    but I'm looking for a anyway to fix that
    cause I can't update my mobo now
    I need at least 400$ which I don't have right now
  4. Its very hard to know the solution for a Problem like this.

    Maybe look for a Professional nearby your area and tell him to fix it.
  5. ok I'll wait and go after few hours but hope anyone here tell me a soultion
  6. the Professional seems to be Noob and did nothing
    plugged the card removed then said RMA
    so anyone here can fix
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