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Which GPU should I get?

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    I would go Sapphire, as it has gddr5, and the msi has gddr3- Even though the MSI gas 2GB GDDR3, I beleive the Sapphire will be faster with its 1GB GDDR5.

    You will not game on massive resolutions on either of these cards and you will not have lashings of AA either as they wont handle 8x AA, so 1GB is enough, therefore Go Sapphire 7750 1GB GDDR5
  2. The Sapphire - Even though the MSI has 2gb of RAM, it is DDR3 RAM. The Sapphire uses the proper faster DDR5. A 7750 isn't really going to return enough fps to game on settings and resolutions that require more than 1gb of RAM. The Sapphire should perform much better.
  3. Sapphire hands down :)
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