Should I get GTX660 for Premiere? (Currently have a MSI7850)

I got a new setup this august and I guess I didn't do enough research before I bought everything.

I currently have:

i5 3450 3.1GHz
MSI 7850 2GB
8GB 1333MHz RAM
Cooler Master PSU 450W

I work with Premiere CS6 and I often have to export longer videos. I have a rather powerful GPU, but it just sits there, doing nothing.
I've heard that CUDA improves the exporting times greatly, so I figured I could sell my MSI 7850 and buy a GIGABYTE GTX660.

1) How much better is this card at exporting (CUDA)?
2) How much shorter would the export times be?
3) Would my PSU be powerful enough If I bought it?
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  1. at least think about the 660 ti to make it worth this upgrade
  2. You need to see the benchmark here to know how improvement you will get (hint:huge improvement, dont be shocked), i know it is a long article but you can skip right to benchmark

    using CUDA as hardware processing is called mercury playback engine, it needs minimum 1GB DDR5 and 125-bit card from any series NVIDIA. yeah GTX 660 Ti or GTX 660 will do :D
  3. I dont know if this fits but.....with my 680 I can take a dvd and encode to mkv(at very high quality) in less than 10 minutes,recoding a 1080p movie to 720p takes about 35 minutes.....thats using the cuda cores for decoding and encoding,just as an example....
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