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I'm in the market for a new computer and I've always wanted to build mine own but have never gotten around to it. My wife on the other hand would rather purchase it from Best Buy so we can put down 500 and take advantage of the 18 month financing zero percent financing. Can anybody on here point me in the right direction for a computer at Best Buy. I've noticed that some a lot of the computers have overkill in one department and are severely lacking in another. I dont need 16 gb of RAM when it has a crappy GPU. I would mostly be using this computer for her school work and my gaming. Wow, swtor, guild wars 2 and diablo 3 are all games that I have played within the last year and a half. I would like the computer to be able to play the games on medium to high settings.
Thank you in advance!
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  1. I would like to keep it somewhere right around 1000 dollars. Would this PC run all of those games on high settings?
  2. Hi. If you must buy from Best Buy, I suggest this one: It's the only PC with a good GPU under $1000 from what I've seen so far. The GTX 660 with interestingly 1.5GB is much better than the iBuyPower with the HD 7770. Of course you know you can build a much better one yourself for less.
  3. Ya I know and I would honestly love to build one myself but right now the money we can swing up front isn't exactly what I would want. With 500 up front I doubt I could match these computers. Thank you very much for your input. I swear that one was 1250 yesterday lol.
  4. And do you know how the Alienware warranty would work? Would I be allowed to open it up and add that extra 2 gb of RAM myself without voiding the warranty?

    Or would I be better off just getting this one and over extending a little but getting the i7?
  5. It says 1 year parts and labor. I don't think you're allowed to open it up and 6GB of RAM should be sufficient. I found another one for even less with the GTX 660 2GB, 8GB RAM and i5-3570K but it has 500GB hard drive: If you don't mind a smaller hard drive, this is a good one. Let me see if I can find an even better one.
  6. savini419 said:
    And do you know how the Alienware warranty would work? Would I be allowed to open it up and add that extra 2 gb of RAM myself without voiding the warranty?

    Or would I be better off just getting this one and over extending a little but getting the i7?

    I'm not sure what graphics card it has; I think it may be a last gen card.
  7. Ya I think its a 550 with only 1 GB of dedicated RAM just noticed. Guess the 900 would be better both on the budget and for my needs.
  8. I think the iBuyPower one I listed above is better than the Alienware. It has a better CPU, more RAM, GTX 660 with 2GB but only 500GB less of hard drive space for $50 less. And you can (easily) upgrade and/or replace the parts in the future unlike the Alienware
  9. Wow didn't even see your Ibuy link. Thank you so much I probably would have bought the Alienware and while that one is ugly as hell at least I can upgrade at some point.
  10. I agree it's not the best looking case but it can be replaced. You're welcome.
  11. One last question.... If my wife allowed me to stretch to 1150 would this be worth the 300 dollars more? I dont exactly how hard it would be to change a CPU and how much better a i7 is vs a 3rd gen i5. It also has an SSD and while thats more luxury than anything everyone seems to swear by them.
  12. I saw that one too but you won't benefit from an i7 or 16GB in games and everyday use. As for the SSD you can always add one of your choosing yourself if and when you want to. The way I see it the i7-3770 costs an extra $70, 120/128GB SSD for $100 and another 8GB RAM for $40 which isn't worth the money since you would really only benefit from an SSD.
  13. Okay thank you for everything! I really appreciate all of the help. I'll probably just pick up an SSD at a future date and install it.
  14. You're welcome and enjoy your new computer!
  15. An i7, 16GB and a SSD to do work and School apps and playing WOW and D3 is like using a Mac truck to take the bass boat to the lake its over kill to say the least, lol.
    Plus checking the reviews 2 loved it 5 stars and 2 hated it 1 star and they gave it an average of 3 stars. Not an overwhelming endorsement to spend $1150 on. What chipset is the motherboard in these iBuypro models using? The issue I have with buying off the shelf stuff like this is usually you don't know what your getting or the stuff your getting is oddball stuff the manufacturer is trying to get rid of. When you build it yourself you know exactly what your getting and you can check and make sure your getting a good brand & model. You don't have to compromise and end up with some strange setups like 16GB RAM and a poor VGA card as you noted. Just some food for thought.

    I've built about 6 of these in the last few months a little variation here and there and they have been doing very well.

    Intel i5-3570K
    DDR3-1600 KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX 8GB kit
    500GB - 1TB Hard Drive (depending on the need)
    LG GH24NS95B DVDRW with M-Disc support
    GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H LGA1155/ Intel Z77
    Cooler Master HAF RC-912-KKN1
    Cooler Master RS700-PCAA-E3

    I can't sign in to PC Part Picker at work but I think the last time I did this build a week ago or so it was under $900. You'd have to add a O/S still so that's another $80 to $140. There are better RAM kits at lower cost I'm sure.
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