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For christmas I'm thinking about changing my graphics card in my lenovo ideapad z565 but I'm not sure what to get. I don't know how much power my laptop has because i threw away my charger and got a new one. My cpu is a AMD phenom II N660 x2 3.00ghz and my ram has 3.00gb. The graphics card I have right now is a ATI mobility radeon hd 4200
If you guys have any suggetions for me please tell me and if you have a clue of how much power my laptop has please tell me
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  1. No suggestions. You can't upgrade it.
  2. Will changing my cpu change my frame rates?
  3. you cannot upgrade ur graphic card on ur laptop, most laptops have soldered videocards on the motherboard, meaning u cannot upgrade them, only custom laptop manufacturers allow this, alienware, clevo and a few others but for 95% of cases u wont be able too.
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