Need Help With Cables Pics Included Please!

Got all my parts, followed Newegg's video guide.

Got it into the case, problem is the optical drive will not open, some SATA's are not detected and VGA is not detected.. also not sure if CPU temps are supposed to be this high idle.

Not sure what's happening here.

Here are my build parts:
Optical Drive:

Here are pictures of the build and bios:
As you can see there is a random cable that is connected to the PSU that doesn't connect to anything...

Everything is connected, not sure if it's right though..

"0 Nvidia Corporation VGA Controller, 1 Nvidia functional HD audio device" WTF I dont have an NVIDIA audio device? Also, only 1 SATA cable is detected.. where in fact there are 3 connected..

Also have these PSU cables left over.. not sure what they're for, the one on the most right is an Nvidia 6 pin power cable. I plugged that in but got the same results as a PCI E cable..

Here's the NVIDIA 6 power pin cable up close:

Please help, thanks!
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