New PC wont power up.

Just finished putting everything together and plugging everything in, but my PC wont even power up, no lights or beeps. Nothing. I really don't know whats wrong, this is the first time I put together a rig without any help.
Any ideas?
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  1. - Make sure the power switch is on!

    - Make sure both the 24-pin and 4-pin connections are in the motherboard

    - Try re-seating RAM (unlikely, but worth a shot)

    - Double check the power switch is connected up to the right pins. Check the manual if you have to. Maybe try manually bridging the connection with a screwdriver. They will look something like this
  2. Power switch was on, actually tried it with the switch on and off multiple times.

    24pin and 8pin connector were connected in motherboard

    Removed ram, tried each stick one at a time.

    Had all the small wires connected in the right pins, I even switched the reset and power pins and still didn't work.
  3. remove ram and check if the motherboard gives a beep sound? if it does then im guessing its a psu problem. What psu are you using? and wait for the experts to reply
  4. MOBO: ASRock H77M LGA 1155 -
    PSU: Antec NEO ECO 520C 520W -
    RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) -
    CASE: NZXT Tempest 410 Elite

    Already tested RAM, Nothing turns on, no sounds, lights, beeps... Nothing at all.
  5. It sounds like it's time to work through our troubleshooting checklist. It was created to troubleshoot this exact type of problem. Perform all the steps in the checklist and let us know how it goes. There's a link to the checklist in my signature.
  6. could be the mb is shorted out. did you use the brass standoffs to keep the mb from shorting out on the mb tray and check the mb i\o shield for it hitting the usb or the bottom of the mb and causing a dead short.
  7. check the power supply. pull the ps from the case and hook up a fan to it and then use a paper clip and jumper the green wire to the black ground. if the ps is not doa the fan on the ps should come on and output some voltage.
  8. Well, I already packed up everything to RMA the PSU and mobo. I would assume it was one of those two, but I'm leaning more towards the PSU.
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