HIS Digital ATI Radeon HD 6850 Fan is making odd noise. Help?

I've had my computer for about a year now and throughout the time I've had ti, it has been making this weird noise. About a month in, I figured out it was one of my GPU's fans. I would reach into the case and stop the fan for a second, then let it spin back up. It would not make the noise after that. Then, after about a year (right now) it keep making the same noise, but it gets softer then gradually builds up to where I can't stand it. If i stop the fan during this, it doesn't listen and doesn't shut up. This is not a problem with cooling as I have a full tower with plenty of fans. I took the GPU out safely and removed the casing from the circuit board, and removed all of the dust from everything. I then started spinning the fan and lo and behold, there was the noise. So what I'm wondering from you experts over here is, is there a fix for this? I made a video at http://youtu.be/6PIjLEEed24.
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  1. It is a faulty fan... get your card replaced as long as it is under warranty...
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