ATI HD6670 weird issue

Hey guys

I am experiencing a weird problem with my ATI HD6670 graphic card.
There is a horizontal line ( fracture ) during watching videos or movies, or scrolling up or down a website in a web borwser.
I tried to do a screenshot and even a video but when I play back it is not visible.
Only when I use the browser or watching the videos.
I would describe it as a flimsy or thin diaphanous fraction on the screen.
It is "running" through the screen during watching movies, videos.

I have updated my catalyst, and nothing changed :/
It can not be the monitor cause same issue if I used it on a tv with a hdmi cable.

Has anyone got an idea what could be :??: ??
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  1. When you use it on TV, you see that line as well?
  2. yes
    all the same...

    but I figured out something just now...
    If I unplug the hdmi looks like the fracture has gone
  3. Then the hdmi is definitely the problem. It might be worn out or something.
  4. it was pretty expensive, and hardly used...
    is there any way to shadering it?
  5. i mean overshadow it somehow
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