Nvdia GTX 650 Problem? Or Monitor?

Hey guys,

I've recently upgraded to a EVGA GTX 650 about a month ago. After owning the card for a week or so a thin green line would appear off and on, on my desktop whenever i
hovered the mouse over that area of my screen, but once i changed my resolution from my defualt(1920x1080) to a smaller resolution then back to my defualt resolution the
line goes away. I have never had this problem before, I think its the monitor because the line doesn't show up in any screenshots I take of the desktop. Now for the problem in games, whenever I play games when i have this green line problem on the top of my screen in games theres different colors going vertically across the top of my screen (blue,red) ,but once again once I change my resolution it goes away. Any advice, or insight to my problem would be much apperciated.

Additional information - problem occurs once a week, maybe twice. My monitor is about 3 years old, and I've never had any problems with ATI cards on it. I have hooked my system to another monitor, and the problem goes away. The graphic card calls for a 400 watt PSU with a PCIE power connector , I have a 460 watt PSU with the PCIE power connector plugged in. The GPU is not overclocked, and the temperatures are normal when this problem occurs(35 C).

CPU-AMD Athlon x2 250 @3.0 Ghz(Not Overclocked).
GPU-EVGA GeForce GTX 650 1GB DDR5(Not Overclocked)(DVI-VGA adapter is used)(Driver Used 310.70).
OS-Windows 7 Ultimate.
Monitor- Vizio 21 Inch T.V(used as a PC monitor) 60 Hz.
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  1. Did you upgrade to that driver recently? Or used it for a long time before that problem happened?
  2. Commandermadi said:
    Did you upgrade to that driver recently? Or used it for a long time before that problem happened?

    I upgraded to that driver recently,but i had the problem before the driver update.
  3. i would say deff monitor
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