PC Boots, clicks, powers down, then reboots just fine.

Hello all.

I recently reformatted an old machine, installed a new optical drive,gave it a clean out with some compressed air, reformatted etc.

Now when I power it up, 3-4 seconds later there is a mechanical clicking sound of some kind, it powers down for 2-3 seconds (not immediately after the click noise, about a second later), automatically reboots, then boots up just fine and continues to operate flawlessly at decent temperatures.

When I first reformatted it and fitted the new optical drive, it gave me a cpu fan error message in bios. I discovered when I had used the compressed air to clean it out, several clumps had managed to get into the fan enclosure. I took it apart and removed them, replaced the fan, and that message no longer appears.

I was wondering if you ladies and gentlemen could perhaps assist me in pinpointing the issue.


i5-2500k 3.3ghz (overclocked using the in built bios functions to about 4.4ghz, nothing too crazy).
I actually forget the name of the motherboard, P67-Pro maybe? (But don't worry, its the revision 2 one, not the one with failing SATA controllers)
2x2GB DDR3 Sticks.
Radeon 6970 2gig GFX Card.
1TB Seagate HD.
Windows 7 Home.

Things I have attempted myself:

Giving it another clean with a can of compressed air,
Removing the fans and giving them a good clean out, replacing them.
Reseating the RAM
Checking the connections of everything plugged into the motherboard I could find.
Googling the problem (mostly only endless loop stuff pops up, but the few relevant threads I found suggested it could be a HD fault, will be able to test this tomorrow / Friday when I borrow a working HD from a friend).

Thank you in advance for your time.
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  1. Hello... it is not liking your Ram/CPU/Memory BIO's stored setting?... and is re-setting them to allow BOOT!... Check... edit... and SAVE different Ram/CPU/Memory settings?
  2. Hmm, my technical knowledge is not the best. If you have the time could you perhaps provide more detail on what it is I need to do to follow your steps?
  3. Hello... Motherboards BIO's will boot with the stored settings... ( you have overclocked stored settings? ) At the time of Boot, it was not happy with the stored settings... Thus they will try to re-boot, with a safer CPU/Memory/Ram setting.

    In other words... shut off your overclock... AND save the settings... and see if your problem goes away?... your OVERCLOCK settings are not stable? for the Hardware/motherboard/BIO's.
  4. The settings I am using are just the performance/turbo ones provided with the motherboard, no custom profile or anything. It has been operating on these settings for over a year with no problems. So Unless I am not understanding your reply, I do not think this is the cause.
  5. Hello... Your perfectly fine to think what you want... : ) But in my world... things wear out... get older... lose performance... and need adjusting from time to time.
  6. My apologies, I did not see your previous edit and was mis-understanding your post. Switching from performance to balance option has stopped the reset behaviour.

    The clicking sound still persists though, any insights on that?
  7. Hello... most the time that could be a Fan wearing out... Fan blades hitting something... Power Supply starting to fail/capacitors worn out/shorting/electrical spark noises? Hardrive is wearing out? They start a mechanical clicking noise before failure, need to start backing up DATA before failure.

    Get your EAR closer to each part... to determine where it is?
  8. Thanks for the response. I've checked the fans and they appear to be fine. Will test a different hard drive tomorrow when I am able to borrow one.

    Are there any tests I can do for the PSU?
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