Massive Graphics Issues!!

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me as I seem to be in quite the dilemma.
I am not too clued up about pcs but love gaming, which I currently cannot do.
I am running:
Gigabyte Z68AP-D3
Intel i7 2600k @3.40Ghz
Sandy Bridge LGA1155
I have an Radeon HD6970 XFX 2GB Card installed although my pc no longer seems to be able to detect it is there.
Soluto says I am using Intel (R) HD Graphics Family.
I have no idea whats going on, I am getting minimal fps from most of my games(that is if they are playable at all) for instance:
GW2 max settings = 2-12FPS
GW2 lowest settings = 20-30FPS
Planetside 2 max settings = 0-13FPS
Planetside 2 lowest settings = 10-20FPS
League of legends almost max settings 50-60FPS
DOTA2 max settings 30fps (capped i think)
Please let me know if you need any other information!
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  1. Did you buy this computer from Best Buy or somebody like that? How old is this PC? Your graphics card might have failed...
  2. No not from best buy, from PC World, and its nearly 1 year old. Probable closer to 8-10 months, have not had use of it until not as was at uni in a different city. GPU was working fine before I left and pc has not been touched since then
  3. Go out to the AMD website and download the most recent drivers and install them and see if that helps
  4. Also, reseat your GPU in the PCIe slot before downloading the drivers
  5. how do I do that?
    I have just taken it out and put it back in along with pc restart
  6. I should also mention that I have my monitor connected through the HDMI port on the gpu and I get normal results from basic use, internet browsing, movies, audio everything
  7. save us all some grief. go to windows update and see what's there.
  8. download gpu-z and see if the software see your video card. in the bios make sure gpu is the first video device.
  9. Are you using the hdmi port of the mobo ?
    Also go to the bios and disable the integrated graphics.
  10. I am using the GPU port, how would I disable the integrated graphics, Ive taken a look in bios and I get like 3 options to enable when there is no card in, enable always and auto.
  11. Post your Power supply specs, this to me seems like a faulty PSU.
  12. PSU is a Corsair CX600, on a different note I seem to have got the gpu working, solid framerates across the board on mostly ultra settings...... NOW however I am getting random black screens where I have to restart to get back to my pc...... FML
  13. When I say black screen I mean, my monitor looses contact with my pc and can no longer detect anything is there. Right before this happens I can hear the fans rev up on my pc also... not sure if any of this helps
  14. Ok so I have now had to move to my laptop as the blackscreen/loss of display thing has become so frequent Im lucky if I can login -.-'
  15. If you haven't disabled the onboard video do that ( in the BIOS ).

    if that doesn't work.......... put the card in the other pci-e slot. yes, I know it's only 4x.
  16. loks like it can be one or two issues. the power supply 12v leg is going bad where it can handle the load of the video card or the gpu card going bad. i would try the video card in another pc and see if someone has a power supply you can use to debug your system.
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